ITA International, LLC Awarded Several Contracts Supporting Men and Women in Uniform

ITA International, LLC Awarded Several Contracts Supporting Men and Women in Uniform

October 6, 2017, Yorktown, VA – ITA announced today that it has been awarded a United States Coast Guard (USCG) OASIS Small Business contract for analysis, technical writing, and program management support for the USCG CG-771 (Office of Requirements and Analysis).

Work on this contact includes providing program management, analysis and technical services to support the completion of analyses and providing technical writing expertise, identifying and assessing readiness needs and capabilities necessary to meet operational and functional requirements.

In July, ITA was awarded a United States Department of the Air Force contract for Local Employee Screening Teams (LEPST) providing linguists and screeners in Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates for the U.S. Air Force Central Command (AFCENT).

Work on this contract includes providing counterintelligence and counterterrorism services to United State Central Command (USCENTCOM) and USAFCENT in support of ongoing operations. To identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats to the Air Force, Department of Defense and U.S. Government.

Earlier in September, ITA was also awarded a United States Coast Guard (USCG) contract to provide logistics, administrative and configuration management services for the Nationwide Automatic Identification System (NAIS) project for the USCG C3CEN.  Additionally, ITA was awarded a United States Air Force contract to provide support in the execution and development of training venues and systems for the 58th Helicopter Group in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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