Our Mission
At ITA International, we transform challenges into opportunities by combining subject matter expertise, data analytics and technology to achieve the extraordinary.

Our Vision
ITA International is dedicated to shaping a world where security, stability and sustainability thrive.


Operational Support

ITA provides a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities across the Operations, Training and Engineering spectrum of professional services and products with decades-long relationships within the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.


Detailed analyses at all organizational levels.

Training & Exercises

Service-specific and Joint level training and exercise support.

Maintenance & Repair

Programmatic and technical support for desired readiness.


Support material and strategies for all engineering processes.


Employing advanced scientific and engineering principles towards the advancement of Cyber mission support.


Global intelligence and linguist support to operations.

Innovative Solutions

Data Analytics

Headquartered at the ITA Data Analytics Center (ITADAC) in Newport News, Virginia, ITA provides Statistics/Machine Learning and Software Engineering to deliver customers value added and focused data analytic solutions.

The ARENA Process

Unique process used to find focused data analytic solutions.


Leading display techniques and tools.

Machine Learning

Form predictive and prescriptive relationships across diverse data sets.


Statistics and advanced mathematical techniques to support data analytics.

Software Engineering

Full stack development process for holistic solutions.

Data Analytics

Discovery and interpretation of meaningful patterns in data.

Innovative Solutions

Stability and Sustainability

Committed to achieving a secure, stable and sustainable human ecosystem, ITA  uses data, technology and professional services to provide stability and sustainability solutions to improve the lives of all people, at the pace of innovation.

Health and Safety

Testing and evaluation of air and water systems for contaminants, even at the nano scale, to reduce health, environmental and occupational risks.

Sustainable Energy

Data and tech-enabled solutions, that assists customers with making insightful decisions towards a sustainable energy future that is efficient and secure.

Sustainable Water

Water test and evaluation using data analytics and engineering techniques to identify risks and determine a feasible set of solutions.