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Nanosafe Tested™

Through our NanoSafe Tested™ Program, we provide manufacturers of engineered nanoparticles and nano-enabled products with comprehensive test and verification services. Our three-step NanoSafe Tested™ process ensures that our customers have the necessary information to communicate their product’s performance to their customers with confidence. We understand the value of third-party verification, and our customers’ clients appreciate knowing that the product’s performance has been thoroughly validated.

When products undergo NanoSafe Testing™, they are subjected to testing criteria developed from peer-reviewed literature and comparable standardized testing methods. We conduct rigorous testing, and test results are reported privately to the client for their reference. Additionally, if desired, a non-proprietary test summary is posted on our NanoSafe Tested Registry™, allowing transparency and a reliable resource for customers seeking verified product information. The registry is regularly updated as new products are tested and reports uploaded.

Particulate Mitigation

Test and verification services for workplace engineering controls.

Consumer Products

Test and verification services for consumer products that contain engineered nanomaterials.

Facilities Safety

NanoSafe offers third-party EHS risk assessment services for nanotechnology facilities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to explore how the NanoSafe Tested™ Program can benefit your products, reach out to:
Chief of Customer Solutions: Jeff Johnson
ITASAS President: Jon Greene
Director of Sustainability and Health: Meredith Cline