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  • ITA International Announces CEO Transition

    NEWPORT NEWS, Va., March 27, 2023 – ITA International (ITA) has announced Mark Honecker, chief operating officer, will be promoted to chief executive officer, effective April 3, 2023. Honecker succeeds Mike Melo who currently serves at ITA’s chief executive officer. Melo will transition to chairman of the ITA Board of Advisors and will take on …

  • ITA International Launches New Business Unit to Pursue a Sustainable Human Ecosystem

    NEWPORT NEWS, Va., March 16, 2023 – ITA International (ITA), a data-driven company, recently launched a new business unit, ITA Stability and Sustainability (ITASAS). Committed to working toward a secure, stable and sustainable human ecosystem, the ITASAS team uses data, technology and professional services to provide stability and sustainability solutions to improve the lives of …