ITA is a leading provider of learning solutions in challenging environments. We offer turn-key learning solutions for Training Program Development & Management, Training Requirements, Curriculum Development, Individual Instruction, Computer Based Training, Team Training and Exercise Support.

Classroom Training

Based on our mission analyses and requirements identifications, we develop a full spectrum of classroom and computer-based training solutions. From training requirements identification through curriculum development and delivery of classroom and computer-based training, we provide innovative products and services that are tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Field Training

Taking our fully trained individuals to the next level, we develop training solutions in support of clients’ needs to conduct operations as a team in challenging, complex environments. We help reduce our clients’ risk by providing high-quality trained teams to address a multitude of challenging situations, leveraging our certified Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems to care for trainees and steward the environment.

Exercise Support

We design, develop and execute complex exercise scenarios to improve clients’ operational performance in challenging environments. Our training solutions maximizes clients’ ability to successfully integrate with all other exercise players enhancing overall team performance. From our assessment of exercise results, we develop Lessons Learned and identify Best Practices to enhance our client’s Mission Analysis and Operational Planning.