ITA is dedicated to enhancing the security and stability of the global community by enabling our clients to build partnerships with organizations that are striving to achieve a common goal. Whether it is enhancing military-to-military operations, improving commercial operations in austere environments, or supporting nongovernment operations in underdeveloped nations, ITA remains committed to Serving Those In The Arena.

Cross-Cultural Competency

ITA has partnered with academia, local cultural organizations, and foreign diplomats to enable personnel to adapt to various cultures.

Civil Affairs

ITA specializes in the provision of technical, analytical, training, and program management support in the civil affairs arena.

Partnerships & Irregular Warfare

Using our multifaceted expertise, we empower our clients to build partnerships with other countries, commercial entities, or nongovernmental organizations.

International Operations

We design, develop, and deliver expeditionary-oriented curricula for delivery by U.S. military personnel to international militaries throughout the globe.