Using our unique ARENA process, we conduct a thorough analysis of our clients’ missions, objectives, and requirements and develop innovative solutions to meet their needs focused on the following areas.

Partnerships Building

Using a tool based on behavioral tendencies allows ITA to perform predicative analysis to develop comprehensive solutions in a wide variety of operational environments. This is enhanced by a global pool of professionals with cultural and language training.

Technical Solutions

ITA has a network of professionals in a variety of disciplines enabling it to build complex solutions in challenging environments specifically focused on the maritime, coastal and austere environments.  ITA will help our clients build a secure, stable and sustainable environment from which they can successfully operate.

Our ARENA Process

  • Analysis of the mission

    Analysis of organizational mission and critical tasks required to perform the mission allowing the organization to develop it’s requirements

  • Requirements Identification

    Requirements developed through the analysis form the basis for the organizational plan

  • Exercising the Mission

    Execute the requirements based operational plan developed through critical analyses

  • Needs Evaluation

    Needs are collected and documents during the execution of the plan for further assessment.

  • Action

    Assess the results of the plan allowing the organization to conduct further analysis to refine the plan.