ITA International (ITA) is a provider of integrated support services to include analysis, planning, training, acquisition management, cyber/intelligence, engineering, logistics, and maritime support services to government, non-governmental organizations and commercial customers worldwide

Using our ARENA Process, we analyze the mission, identify all requirements, and develop innovative, integrated solutions to meet current and emergent needs and advance our clients’ missions and objectives.


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Integrated solutions to meet current and emergent needs

At ITA, we are committed to providing rapid, professional responses to our clients’ requirements through ongoing analysis, planning, realistic training, operational support, and thorough assessments and evaluations. We consistently meet all schedule, budget, and quality constraints through our low-risk, best-value technical and management approaches, which are based upon lessons learned, previous client assessments, and industry best practices.

The key to our success is continually meeting with our clients, both formally and informally; listening to their needs; and developing the right solution at the right price.

Our ARENA Process

  • Analysis of the mission

    Analysis of organizational mission and critical tasks required to perform the mission allowing the organization to develop it’s requirements

  • Requirements Identification

    Requirements developed through the analysis form the basis for the organizational plan

  • Exercising the Mission

    Execute the requirements based operational plan developed through critical analyses

  • Needs Evaluation

    Needs are collected and documents during the execution of the plan for further assessment.

  • Action

    Assess the results of the plan allowing the organization to conduct further analysis to refine the plan.

Core Competencies

Award-winning services in creating secure, stable, and sustainable operating environments.


We conduct detailed mission analyses for organizations at all levels operating in challenging environments.


We analyze client goals, objectives, and tasks and then develop detailed plans, processes, and methodologies for implementation.


From training requirements identification through curriculum development and delivery of classroom and computer-based training, we provide services tailored to our client’s needs.


We design, develop and execute complex exercise scenarios to improve clients’ operational performance in challenging environments.

Technical Services

We provide high quality personnel to deliver technical and engineering solutions for commercial and government clients in challenging environments.

Staff Support

We provide high-quality professional services, in a variety of skill sets, to improve clients’ operational performance in challenging environments.

Management Team

We live by our corporate motto, “Serving Those In The Arena”. If our customer fails at their mission, ITA fails at our mission. It is critical to our success that our customer be successful.


Jonathan Tobias

Senior Vice President Operations Group

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